Caliber II 10″ 50 Degree Longboard Truck Seafoam



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Hanger width: 7.25″ (184mm)
Truck type: Inverted kingpin
Pieces per pack: 1
Material: Aluminium
Mounting bolts: Not included
Bushings: 89A
Axle Width: 10″
Hanger Degree: 50°

Caliber is known for making stable trucks that are great at speeds. Well, this 50° edition certainly does not stray from its origins. But with the altered angle you also ad a dimension of turnability and control in tight cornering moves. This is sought after specifically when riding pumping/carving setups and longboards where you utilise the turning to get that asphalt surfing feel. A solid choice for the freestyle/dance trend that is currently popular.

This Caliber II 10″ 50° is born with a set of barrel-cone bushings which further enhance the turnability. The bushings are Blood Orange bushings with Ultra High Rebound Polyurethane with a durometer of 89A.

Like all Caliber Trucks, the kingpin is made of grade 8 steel to ensure your trucks will stay in one piece, no matter how hard you push them.




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